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True Friendship

"In  CINNAMON GIRL BLUES, Wilma Brockington captures the essence of true  friendship among three very caring and sensitive sisters of color. I  could literally see pieces of me in all three ladies; however, Sasha  appealed to me the most. At times, it seemed as though her character was  telling my story and the other two were charting the course of two of  my very close friends. Brockington did a great job with character  development and weaving a very good story. A few times, I felt rushed  with the story, but it was quickly forgotten in the unfolding drama. I  am anxiously waiting to read more from this author."

--Reviewed by Brenda Lisbon
of The RAWSISTAZ(tm) Reviewers

Sexy Drama​

"Ms.  Wilma Brockington has written a modern tale of wounded heroes as well  as suffering sympathetic villains. The hero and heroines at some point  are standing still like a deer in headlights when it comes to the  non-expertise areas of their lives. The villains and villainesses are  ordinary people who have allowed themselves to be led slowly down the  wrong path.

Her book is a delightful, fast-paced, and  character-driven book with suspense and excellent narration. You'll find  yourself talking back to the book as if it were a movie or a television  show. You will laugh and cry during the subtle twists and turns of her  characters' lives."

​--Author Rosa Griffin

Attraction:  Sexy Tales of Good, Bad, and Ugly Relationships  


The Boss from Hell

"Wilma  Brockington's Office Politics is fast-paced, with non-stop action. The  characters are believable, every day working people. They could be  sitting in a cubicle next to you or me. Brockington does a great job  inserting you bit-by-bit into their lives. The time stamps, at the  beginning of each chapter, allow you to emerge yourself into the  character's day and walk it out with them. I thoroughly enjoyed this  read and recommend it for those looking for a thrilling book."

--Donnica Copeland
APOOO BookClub
Sista Talk Book Club



It Still Takes a Village

"Who  could refuse nuggets of inspiration on love, careers, raising children  or life from 41 divas? That is what you will find in Been There, Done  That. Short perceptions to use when there seems as if no one understands  the relationship with your man, your children seem not to listen, or  you are wondering if anyone else has survived what others deem career  suicide. This book now provides insight for you at 3 in the morning,  when you may be lying awake wondering how to handle the next day's  events. When can you receive too much advice? Never. You can take it or  leave it; so allow those with more experience to share their insights  with you. Especially if your mother is not around to guide you, or your  mother is still alive, you have sisters, or plenty of girlfriends - it  takes a village of females to raise a woman. Listen carefully, use the  wisdom wisely, and buy another copy of Been There, Done That to give to  another aspiring sista."

--Judine Slaughter, President - UBWA

Life Can Be Hard

"Wilma  Brockington has compiled a wonderful book on lessons life has taught  older women, and their advice is good and strong. It is a book that  needs to be read by women regardless of their age or where they are in  life. It gives good tips on how to be happy, how to be successful and  how to rear great children who turn out to be wonderful, self-sufficient  adults. It is definitely a must read."

--Reviewed by Alice Holman
of The RAWSISTAZ(tm) Reviewers

Good Advice

"What  a beautiful insight into the life of women of wisdom and knowledge. A  view into the lives of those that came before us and some that came  after us. Wisdom is always thought to be wasted on the young; but  reading Been There, Done That, I became a human sponge and absorbed in  every lesson in the book.  Good read Ms Brockington."

--E.A. Daniels

Beginning Book Club, Baltimore, Maryland